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About Us

every piece tells a story

The Oxbow team hopes that by creating custom, American-made products, the next generation of artisans will be motivated to do the same. Oxbow is more than a brand – it’s a way of life. Inspired by the generations of craftsmen who came before them, the team at Oxbow is committed to delivering handcrafted woodworking pieces that will stand the test of time. 

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What's in a name?

Cory and his family spent months contemplating a name for this business.  Nothing quite fit, until…


One day they started talking about their favorite place – the river that runs behind their home.  Having spent a lot of time there over the years - talking, fishing, enjoying nature, letting the pups swim, and building memories – it’s a place that holds special meaning.  They were reflecting on the beauty of God’s creations, like the bend in the river– which is also called an oxbow.  When they said it aloud, they knew.

And now you know. 

We promise to always share the dreams, stories, creative projects, and adventures of Oxbow Woodworks.  Don’t be surprised if some of our best ideas are born at the bank of this river, very near the “oxbow” for which we were named. 


Meet The Makers

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